Apr 20

You Won’t Believe How One Community Attempted To Clean Up Its Act

Casco Viejo has problems like any other community. We’re low on volunteers at our homegrown recycling center. We’ve got a beach that needs constant cleaning. We have graffiti that pops up seemingly overnight and must be taken down (whoever you are, can you stop doing that please?). But unlike most communities with challenges like these, […]

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Apr 08

Once Gang Members, Now Tour Guides Enforcing A Zero-Crime Zone

A handful of Esperanza graduates have done something pretty spectacular. They have taken an area that was riddled with robberies, shootings, and assaults…and turned it into the safest place in town. For those who don’t know them already, these young men were once part of a well-known gang. But they have transformed into community leaders […]

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Apr 08

One Young Man Who Fixes Things That Are Broken

  When you meet Alexis Quintero and you hear his story, you get the feeling something really good is about to happen to your ceiling fan. Alexis was born in a neighborhood called Brookylncito, which, with its wooden houses and muddied intersections full of trash, was one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Panama City […]

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Sep 11

3 Ways A Walking Tour Can Change Your Perspective

Upon completing Esperanza’s 10-week intervention program, some of our young graduates choose traditional labor insertion (working in local restaurants and hotels), whereas others (the more entrepreneurial-minded) prefer to start their own businesses via the Esperanza Social Venture Fund. This business-launch process involves a 3 week “incubator” circuit in which the graduate learns how to create […]

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Jan 16

Josue James: The Original Hustler

In the case of Josue James, that hustle could be interpreted quite literally. I’m sitting with Josue on the second floor of the Danilo Perez Foundation and he’s telling me, in no uncertain terms, that the hospital where he was born is a total mystery. From what he can remember, his early childhood story begins […]

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