Hooray! Esperanza Just Got A Team Of Market Research Geniuses

Jun 28

Some of you may remember our Buenas Obras project, in which we are solving problems our neighborhood desperately needs (trash, graffiti, lighting) using a resource we happen to have in excess (donated goods).

And one of the beautiful things about Esperanza is that our neighbors – all skills and backgrounds – are always looking to help.

So it was with great honor and excitement that in looking to develop the Buenas Obras concept further, we were approached by a team from the CMK Department of Procter & Gamble who found the project well…confoundingly exciting.

First, over some coffee, our P&G experts did a test survey with Alexis Quintero of Servicios Elektron (below).


The survey that we’d be giving to local neighbors was designed to understand things like:

  • What product would you like most to see in the BO shop?
  • What areas on your street could most benefit from a BO community event?
  • Would you be interested in being part of this project?


Here are some photos of their afternoon of interviews:







IMG_0920One of our helpers even got to bump into Jaffet of the now-famous Fortaleza Tours and ask him for some feedback:


Of course, we always learn lots from visits of experts like the folks from P&G.

But interestingly enough, almost all of them felt inspired by the afternoon themselves: excited about what more we can do as a neighborhood using the Buenas Obras platform. We look forward to sharing our results and next steps forward.

If you’d like to learn more about our Buenas Obras project and how you can support, please email support[at]esperanzasvc.org


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