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Jul 21

Breaking News: Esperanza Named 2016 McNulty Prize Laureate

Last night, the Aspen Institute and the McNulty Foundation announced that Esperanza has been named one of four 2016 Laureates for the ninth annual John P. McNulty Prize. The McNulty Prize recognizes the spirit of innovation and excellence of leaders who use entrepreneurship to address important global social issues. The Prize is given annually to […]

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Oct 21

Hope Seafood Completes Round II Funding

When Esperanza graduates enter the workforce, it’s either (1) with traditional employment opportunities at local restaurants, hotels, shops, or (2) in starting their own small businesses. This second option — the entrepreneurial route — is operated by the Esperanza Social Venture Club, an investment arm designed to incubate small businesses, provide seed capital, and support […]

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Apr 20

You Won’t Believe How One Community Attempted To Clean Up Its Act

Casco Viejo has problems like any other community. We’re low on volunteers at our homegrown recycling center. We’ve got a beach that needs constant cleaning. We have graffiti that pops up seemingly overnight and must be taken down (whoever you are, can you stop doing that please?). But unlike most communities with challenges like these, […]

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