Hope Seafood Completes Round II Funding

Oct 21

When Esperanza graduates enter the workforce, it’s either (1) with traditional employment opportunities at local restaurants, hotels, shops, or (2) in starting their own small businesses.

This second option — the entrepreneurial route — is operated by the Esperanza Social Venture Club, an investment arm designed to incubate small businesses, provide seed capital, and support each business as it grows. Here are several examples of successful business ventures:

Entrepreneurship (when done properly) is a naturally good fit for at-risk young men. And lately,  the success rate of our entrepreneurs has begun to seriously compete with the success rate of those choosing a more traditional formal employment.

One such entrepreneur is Juan and his business Hope Seafood, a seafood distribution service that successfully launched in February 2015…and has been growing ever since.



In a first-of-its-kind event, Juan and Hope Seafood — in realizing that he needs a line of credit to be able to deal with the biggest restaurants in town — successfully requested the ESVC for a second round of funding.

We try to make this process as formal and thought-filled as possible: it’s as symbolic as it is practical.


Esperanza was honored to have in attendance at this event:

  • Maru Galvez (ESVC)
  • Marcelo Modai
  • Ari Typaldos
  • Alessandro Cavallera
  • Maripaz Vindas
  • Ursula Kiener
  • Felipe Arenas (ESVC)
  • Crystal Bell (ESVC)
  • Ryan Bullock (ESVC)
  • Roy Campos (ESVC)
To support Juan and have fresh seafood delivered to your door, give him a call at 6252-3869

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We look forward to keeping everyone updated on Juan and Hope Seafood’s progress…