A Day In The Life Of Luis Moreno

Jan 07

For the past 4 months, Luis Moreno has been in his element. A graduate of Esperanza Social Venture Club’s small business incubator, Luis recently launched Lava Autos Plaza Amador, Casco Viejo’s first car wash. Now utilizing his strengths in a pro-social way, Luis spends his days growing the business and socializing with neighbors. You can call/text him to arrange a car wash (pick-up/drop-off available) at 6957-6146.

Sofia Verzbolovskis is a Panamanian photographer based in New York who recently spent several days getting to know Luis. Following him into and out of neighborhood buildings en route to Lava Auto Plaza Amador, Sofia was able to capture the essence of what makes Luis, his business, and the power of his transformation so unique.

LuisMoreno_8093_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8125_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8176_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8168_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8166_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8163_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8302_December 16, 2015LuisMoreno_8158_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8155_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8161_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8181_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8243_December 15, 2015colon_8466_December 17, 2015LuisMoreno_8213_December 15, 2015colon_8458_December 17, 2015LuisMoreno_8210_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8225_December 15, 2015LuisMoreno_8271_December 16, 2015LuisMoreno_8290_December 16, 2015LuisMoreno_8306_December 16, 2015

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