Our Team

It Takes A Village…

Esperanza is a movement of like-minded thinkers who believe there’s a better solution to our community’s problems. Between staff, volunteers, and local business leaders, we believe in a holistic approach, meaning that we work at the Individual, Group and Community levels. Accordingly, we don’t like to put labels on our positions nor limits on our responsibilities:

When we sit down to solve problems or make decisions, our conversations always revolve around the same core questions:

  1. Are we demobilizing the gangs and eliminating crime in San Felipe?
  2. Are we offering former members a real opportunity to permanently integrate into formal society?
  3. Are we offering the most promising leaders a lasting “preventative leadership” role in the community?
  4. Are we proving and documenting the Esperanza model so that it can be applied in other areas?

Our work has been recognized by publications such as The New York Times, NPR, Men’s Journal, Los Angeles Magazine and a number of others.

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