Esperanza Graduate Wins “Employee of the Year” at Tantalo Hotel Group

Jan 10

Esperanza's methdology is comprised of three phases: intervention, integration, and prevention. And it's the second stage, the integration, that is perhaps the least glamorous of them all, requiring old-fashioned hard work, patience, and discipline on behalf of our beneficiaries, our staff, and the greater Casco Viejo community.

As at-risk young men enter a new world, constant contact and support is needed to ensure that each graduate continues his formal role in the community, avoiding risk and dealing with the challenges adult life brings in mature and sustainable ways.

So it should be no surprise that when we do have reason to celebrate victories, we like to celebrate big!

One such victory came this past weekend when Esperanza graduate, Gerald, wrapped up a life-changing year in a monumental way: winning Employee Of The Year at Tantalo Hotel Group. Here's the video they showed live at the event...

And then Gerald's reaction...

Below you'll find some words of Stuart Hooper from Asombro Media, an Esperanza supporter and onlooker at the event...

I was very moved on Sunday night at Tantalo Hotel's employee bash. Gerald, an Esperanza graduate won employee of the year. When I first heard about it, I figure ok, he's a hard worker, impressed his bosses...but what truly impressed me the night of, is that all 80+ of his coworkers stopped their rowdiness and the gentle ribbing of each other that had been the theme of the evening and started chanting 'the machine, the machine, the machine' for Gerald. They lifted him on their shoulders, took him to the stage, and gave him the warmest ovation I've seen in a long time. Working your ass off and standing out to management and customers is hard enough, but being universally loved by your coworkers while you do it is nothing short of incredible. Gerald has managed to be proud of his increasingly rockstar achievements (such as being featured in The New York Times, while remaining exceedingly humble at the same time. Big props to these two organizations that are pillars of Casco Viejo and the people that make them tick. 

We wanted to send our warm congrats to Gerald, the entire team at Tantalo for embracing such a new challenge, and the greater neighborhood of Casco Viejo for facilitating such a historic win!

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