The Essence Of Casco Viejo Was Once Lost…But A Young Film Maker Rediscovered It

Sep 30

When you ask someone what the Esperanza movement is all about, the answer is becoming increasingly clear:

Esperanza is not just gang reintegration in Panama.

It’s a group of people who believe in a better solution.

These people — whether they are graduates, staff, neighbors or supporters from afar — come from all walks of life.

And their solutions range about as far as their skill sets and passions.

Pablo Garcia SaldanaSo when we’re asked “How Can I Help Esperanza?” the answer always varies.

In this case, the question came from a young Mexican named Pablo García Saldaña.

A filmmaker by trade (, Pablo felt passionate about contributing his time and talents in the form of a video. “I built and started to prove the 10,000 hour challenge; the number of  hours of practice needed to acquire mastery of a skill. But the experiment became more than just a goal, it became a way of life, a part of me.”

So he spent a few days filming the Fortaleza boys, one of the 7 businesses to emerge from the Esperanza Social Venture Fund.

The result is a piece of promotional material that effectively conveys what is Fortaleza and how can you come experience their story.

It will be a landmark piece of marketing for Esperanza. And a proud piece of sharable social media content for anyone who has experienced (or wants to experience) the Fortaleza Tour moving forward.

Thanks to Pablo for his generous and time and investment in this gift!

Feel free to comment on your thoughts about the video below…

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